Welcome to the first anniversary of Doble A.

Let's discover the tango universe and celebrate together our first "unniversary".

 We want to propose you 2 different nights, full of energy and tango. Are you ready?

Anniversary 1.png

Friday - Venus Milonga -

Let me guess, it's Friday and you're in love? It's no coincidence everyone loves Friday, considering it's also Venus Day, after the planet of love, creativity, connection, and beauty. This is the perfect time to kick back, socialize, and connect with others. Venus' charming energy makes it the perfect day to get creative and to indulge in self-love, not to mention the pleasures of tango.

Dress code: Lace / romantic.

Starting time: 18:30hs

Live Show: Kyotani Tango Trio (21:30hs)

DJs: Yuko Amano & Michel Riesterer

Mic: Sebastian Saito

Drinks: Malbec Wine

Food: Empanadas

Fee: ¥4,000


Saturday - Saturn Milonga -

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, planet of structure, discipline and determination. Some call it the taskmaster of the planets.

Let yourself play by the rules, a good cabeceo and circularity on the dance floor will help you to show your respect for Tango.

Dress code: Metallic colors / elegant. 

Starting time: 17:00hs

Live Show: Koji Hirata Tango Trio (20:00hs)

DJs: Tomo Hoshino & Ike

Mic: Sebastian Saito

Drinks: Malbec Wine

Food: Empanadas

Fee: ¥4,000


Special Price Doble A Anniversary: 2 nights for ¥7,000 (valid until 9/30).

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