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What does Doble A mean?

In 1910 in Carlsfeld - Germany, the most famous of all bandoneon factories, the Alfred Arnold manufacture, was founded.

The Alfred Arnold Bandoneons became famous under the name of AA, Doble A, Premier and Campo.

Today there are several bandoneon factories where reaching the "AA" sound is always the goal.

Doble A is the way to call the Bandoneon, The Instrument that represents the soul of Tango.

Why "Doble A" name?

The secret is revealed

The name Doble A has several meanings related to Tango Music, Tango Dance, and The owners of Doble A Tango Studio.

The musical tradition contributed by the Great Anibal Troilo (July 11, 1914 - May 18, 1975) and the unstoppable force of modernity contributed by the distinguished Astor Piazzolla. (March 11, 1921 - July 4, 1992)

Both Argentine composer and Bandoneon players.

Anibal + Astor = Doble A

In Tango Dance, Doble A means

two Abrazos (embrace) + two Amigos (friends) and definitely, two united Almas (souls) that give meaning to Tango Dance.

Abrazos + Alma = Doble A

In a personal sense, Double A also represents two Argentine Artists (Paula Tejeda & Lucas Carrizo) working to further elevate the magnificent city of Tokyo on the Tango World Map.

Artistas (artist) + Argentinos (argentines) = Doble A

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